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The BEST way to control your cravings without having to stave yourself
Why you possibly need to have a more protein packed diet
How to find snacks that are healthy and healthy 50 calories or less
Find out why doing just 20 minutes of exercise will curb your cravings
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Meet Hollie - Our Omni Customer Experience Chief: 
Hollie is our Omni customer experience chief, she loves all things fitness and trains with the groups at omni pt regularly. Hollie loves helping and supporting people with getting started and getting results. Hollie has a huge passion for pole fitness also and is was of the leading coaches on the pole fitness program too.
Here’s How We Made Transformational Process Easy at Omni PT
Metabolic Conditioning
To achieve a toned, sculpted and fit body you can be proud of you will take part in our training sessions that are fun, short and effective. If you’re new to exercise we’ll start you slow so you have nothing to worry about and guide you all the way. Unlike other gyms that just leave you to ‘get on with it’ alone, we show you exactly what to do so you get the best results in the shortest amount of time. 
The hardest part of the puzzle is always nutrition. But we make it easy for you with our systemized nutrition process that will show you exactly what to eat and when, without having to starve yourself, skip meals, or just eat vegetables for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
It’s very common in the fitness industry for people a join gym or health club and receive zero accountability. You simply get given a membership card and you’re told to get on with it. We do things a bit differently and with a smile. Our whole business exists because of the results we get our clients and accountability is part of that, so we look forward to getting you the results you want very soon!
Typical Results Of Our Customers
These Local Residents Did It, & So Can You!
" This is not a gym, it's far more than that. I have done the gyms, the diet clubs and the cabbage diet etc.... And yes I did loose weight and so I felt I was a healthy person. Then I joined Omnistudios and met Emmaclaire and her team. All was good until Feb 14 when I went away on a Caribbean cruise to celebrate my 50th birthday, my usual cruise dresses packed and to my horror and disgust on the first night all dresses were too tight!! Major meltdown. Absolute despair as I had been doing the classes and eating healthy (so I thought). On my returned I signed up with Emmaclaire for personal health training. I CANNOT RECOMMEND THIS ENOUGH. Emmaclaire is there to advise and guide you through every aspect of a healthy body and mind. The fitness classes play a major part in getting fit and strong and everyone is there to encourage and motivate.
This is not a quick fix but with determination and with the support and guidance of the mighty Emmaclaire and her Team you will get results and your only regret will be that you didn't join sooner.!"
"There are things in my life that I would like to be different but I feel I am now finding the confidence and tools to go in the right direction. I really hope you don’t mind me sharing this with you all, I basically just wanted to say thank you! Because I believe that when you have had a positive impact on someone it should be acknowledged. As someone who has been at Omni for some time, to me it is more than somewhere to exercise. It is that, but it is more. I have become stronger both physically and mentally, and as someone who has always found gyms intimidating places Omni has been perfect for me. I have taken on assault courses, long bike rides and importantly found a community of people that I am not afraid to look more than a little dishevelled around. The team are great and offer as little or as much support as you need/want."

"I really enjoy coming here, I enjoy the people, everyone is supportive, no one is on there own, no one feels silly because they are just starting out. The staff are brilliant. Without the staff, I would not be where I am now, have the motivation and I would not, still be coming and carrying on with it like I am today."
"I found myself lifting weights safely and with good technique working my body correctly to maximise my results, training my muscles hard and lifting more ( being a carpenter, this helped with by day job too!), eating cleaner and yet still having my chocolate fixes and my beers. Which 6 months later helped me to drop 15% body fat and drop two jean sizes. This motivates me even more to eat good food now and enjoy my food more too! This I have never achieved before."

" I was looking for something different as I had attended many of gyms in the area and this one I enjoyed and stuck with.The environment and supportive community is different to what I had experienced at other places.I’m a totally different person now to when I first started. Now my life is changed forever!!!"

"I am getting fitter, stronger, and having fun! Great community of exercise buddies led by the inspirational Emmaclare and Her Team."
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